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Age is But Number

Age is the number of years between birth and death. Experience is the sum of lessons – well or badly –learned. It is easiest to assume that experience is proportional to age, only it isn’t. One could be elderly and still plain. The War Against the Virus (The Ultimate Collection of Tips and Tricks to Help You Thrive During COVID-19 Pandemic) eBook + FREE Audiobook Buy Now  With a wider exposure, a younger man will have more tales than an elderly one who is confined to a certain space, a simple culture and a lot of mental limitation. And with more trials, failures and successes; the young would have more useful offers to make. One of the greatest mistakes of Africa is the false notion that people would have more to offer simply because they are old. Actually, one may have more to offer in any given area because they have dedication in such area and not necessarily a long time but quality time. A man can father a child and irredeemably fail at being Dad even though he h