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Ben's Diary (1)

Dozie and I were still laughing over  Patricia’s remarks about four guys like us hanging out all by themselves every weekend’s nights, that there was something ‘not straight’ about it. Darlington was going to say we should leave without Goke and his languid ass. Then everyone suddenly went hush. She had what it took to stop any man in his tracks and she knew it. We must all have seen her at the same.

“Hi.” She said to Darlington.
Darlington had an enviable gift: they all talk to him first; even if there were a million of us.
“Helloo beauty, what can we do you for?” His ladies’ man smile beamed, and his right hand instinctively reached for his collar, twitching the tie as he stood up. He possibly forgot he was only the visitor in our office.

“Stephanie, this way,” Patricia called at the young lady.
“Oh, hi Pat,” the beauty didn’t seem to have noticed Patricia’s presence earlier. She also seemed genuinely relieved and waved Darlington down, “I was going to ask of,” she pointed coquetti…