Does Love Work Over Distance?


“Distance is not barrier to things of the spirit.”

Love is spiritual. It is an experience that permeates the body (physical), and the soul (spiritual); therefore, distance should not be a barrier to love.

When two people are genuinely in love, they operate on the same frequency. Their thoughts are often in synch. Sometimes they share a dream. There are times when one will pick up a phone to dial the other only for the other’s call to come in, perhaps because they’re on the same thread of thoughts or feelings. There are also times when one wants to say a thing and the other voices the exact words intended by the other or they may even utter the words in unison as if it were planned.

Out of sight may mean an absence of the body physical body, but does that explain spiritual consequences, like soul tie?  As explained above, a soul can be tied to the other. Two individuals of dissimilar origins can become soul mates through love sharing. The can begin to function almost as one. There are events where such couple does not survive the demise of one of the partners.

There is agape love, the open love, which is selfless and pure, which gives to any and all without expectation. However, the love of a couple in a relationship is not one way, it is largely give and take, as no amount given by one can make up for the other’s lack of giving. It is the kind of love that requires some sort of balance to remain healthy. It really does not matter what one gives, but does it truly satisfies the other? It may be just a hug in return. Though it does also require sacrifice, it is often better when both individuals make conscious efforts to look after each other.

There are times when a person falls in love with someone who does not feel the same way they do. They give away so much affection. At times, the object of this affection may pretend or struggle to reciprocate. Obviously such union will never work, even at intimacy, not to mention over distance.

But if both individual truly and unreservedly love one another, they will always hear the other’s heart’s call. Do you know that human spirit gives out distress call when in suffering? Only those whom they love and who truly loves them back can hear (maybe say feel) such call. I know of a couple who will often reach out to each other at such times irrespective of the distance in-between them.

Yes, love works over distance. This does not mean that there won’t be temptations, but then what could be distracted when the hearts are connected? People who are truly in love with each other find intimate associations with others who are not their partner unfulfilling and totally out of order. They find it absolutely desecrating to share their bodies with some other persons. It truly doesn’t matter if their partner is available or not.   

So when someone says that “distance” is the problem with their relationship, then know they are not wholly in love with whomever they may have professed to love vice versa, which instantly makes them prone to the pressures of temptation.
Sometimes people who fell for the thunderstorms of mere chemistry and artificial attributes of the opposite sex would also lay claims to love but it takes just a little time for that to dissipate whatever flesh of pleasure it once held.

However, it is not advisable for partners to stay away from each other for too long – say many months at a stretch or even years, because there are also times when the flesh desire warmth of the other’s flesh, their hug, their kiss, or even their mere presence in the same space.

Every period of separation must be filled with constant communication. At times such periods tend to recondition the core feelings of the relationship. Some relationships have experienced rejuvenation after such short breaks as they give room for imaginations and deeper cravings.

The truest test of the strength of love in any relationship comes when a partner is away. If one feels the urge to do something the other shouldn’t know about then they’re in a wrong relationship.

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