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Does Love Work Over Distance?

“Distance is not barrier to things of the spirit.”

Love is spiritual. It is an experience that permeates the body (physical), and the soul (spiritual); therefore, distance should not be a barrier to love.
When two people are genuinely in love, they operate on the same frequency. Their thoughts are often in synch. Sometimes they share a dream. There are times when one will pick up a phone to dial the other only for the other’s call to come in, perhaps because they’re on the same thread of thoughts or feelings. There are also times when one wants to say a thing and the other voices the exact words intended by the other or they may even utter the words in unison as if it were planned.
Out of sight may mean an absence of the body physical body, but does that explain spiritual consequences, like soul tie?  As explained above, a soul can be tied to the other. Two individuals of dissimilar origins can become soul mates through love sharing. The can begin to function almost as one. There are eve…