Need For A Vibrant Opposition

One would be fair to conclude that the real reason for different political parties in a democracy is because there are diverse points of views, different perceptions to governance, and ultimately, there’s supposed be freedom of choice of association, therefore it it’s completely uncivil to demand that an individual or a group abandon their convictions for another’s, even if that one is their host. In a more saner clime, people convince – not just with facts – but palpable course of action. The peoples' follower-ship are won.
In a democracy, an election is won or lost – the process does not end there! Democracy is a two-pronged approach to governance; the party in power is checked by the ones in opposition. So, losing an election does not necessarily mean you are out of the system. While you may lose the presidency, you may have a majority in the house. And even if that does not happen, constructive and issue-based criticism can win you the people – it is about the people, isn’t ? The opposition should help save the people from the ineptitude and excesses of government.
To strive to build a democracy with a decimated opposition is to mock the very idea of democracy. When a people, for whatever reason, vote against a candidate or party, they have not done in disobedience to the state because a political party is not the state, no law has been broken, they have only shown to possess a different set of convictions, and must not be punished for doing so, rather a conscious and honest efforts are to be made to help them see the light If indeed they have strolled into dark path.
One of the worst afflictions of our Democratic system is the arbitrary switches of allegiance. Even the most informed in our society have become shamefully involved in the practice. This highlights the gross lack of principles that is norm. You don’t have to be connected to the center to make impact, if indeed you’re a leader with a vision, and pleeease – you’re not doing it for your people!
A vibrant opposition is good for our democracy. We must tolerate it. When everyone is expected to support a particular candidate, it is no longer a democracy, Google will help you see what that means. When we force people to vote according to your dictates because they live in your 'space', that too is not democracy. I get the feeling that we need to honestly decide what system of government we want to practice in this country because This too doesn’t seem to be going well.

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