Life Can Be A Little Simpler

Life can be just a little less complex. One often wonders why most of the time people take life rather too seriously. It's a fact that things happen. Very bad things. In fact things that largely seem beyond our control. We lose the life we've worked for. We lose our loved ones. Basically, sometimes we go through all shades of dark days, that it would apparently seem as though one had been struck by a streak of bad luck that just wouldn't go away. But what if we unknowingly bring all that upon ourselves? What if all we needed to do all along was to stop, take a deep breath and change our thoughts?

One only needs a trial to realise that heavy burdens can be made light by a simple task of deliberately tampering the way we think and do things;from our work place, to our home and in our relationships, everything will begging to bear different results. The distance between success, of any kind, and what we call failure lies in the navigation of our thoughts. I prefer see life from this perceptive of peace of mind or the lack of it.

Every relationship, for instance, will work out fine if only the individuals realise that what they share takes the mutual participation of both to work and nothing less. If the only they communicated just a little more often than not. If only there is just a little more of forgiveness when one offends the other. If only one does does not think that the emotions of the other is less important. Most failed marriages and relationships have simply failed because of one or all of the above, only a lot fuss were made as though some more powerful external forces were to blame.

 Some people live their lives like the tortoise. They diligently carry every modicum of their past issues along; into every new environment, into every relationships - their past shortcomings and bitterness become a standard by which every new thing in their life is set up. While some may carry their ancestral biases - experiences that aren't theirs; like some bad turn meted out on a parent by some one of a different extraction without a moment's pause to ponder why they have to deal so badly with some other individual because of the experience of another of a very different time.

Sometimes we think that God must hate us. We believe we're under some punishment by some divine powers over something we have or haven't done. That somehow God relentlessly follows us about just to ensure we have a really bad time, forgetting that we are creatures of habit, that once our mind is set on something over a period of time that it becomes character (or our reality) and that any character that does not produce results that are favourable to us becomes like dark halo around the head that we alone can attract. This will continue until we deal with our mind.

 People become suicidal largely because they're too engrossed in the things around them rather than that within. Some because they've become too selfish with life and all they hope to achieve without taking failure into consideration. Failure is a part of life and anyone who tells you it's a bad still has a lot to see. When you develop the tenacity to succeed, reserve the capacity to absorb failure for it is only the part of a great if you can arise from the ashes and never be scared of going back to the drawing board. Everyone living has that marginal suicidal propensity, just don't feed it. And tell yourself you'll never use it. Envy, or jealousy can be the simply reason why one's life can remain a tiring rat race.

We waste useful energy bellyaching over other people's genuine progression. One of the many unhidden and yet illusive truths is that any project embarked upon out of envy will remain a huge struggle. Unless a thing is genuinely desired with good intent, it will never grant peace of mind. Take a moment and look at anyone you envy and see how they glide along, seemingly effortlessly while you crawl. That's because their desire is genuine so they never feel the work they put in. They're not in a competition.

 It's okay to be angry but never go into a rage. Even while angry, it helpful to still watch one's words because after every storm there's calm and clarity. Think of that. Never have to hold your anger or hurt any longer than necessary because it soon begins to nibble at you, little by little until you can not recognise who you've become. It's better to say it loud and clear enough. Every long journey is better traveled light.

 Genuinely saying `sorry` can sometimes seem like the hardest thing to do for some, and that's because it's only meant for the strong. Only the strong can apologise. The weak let their pompous ego take the wheel. Life can be lived simply if we only can shed some of our burdens. Each time a person says `sorry` to someone they have offended, they hand the offended over the burden. You set yourself free by acknowledging your shortcomings. Give it a try and see how light you become. It actually moves you a step higher than the receiver, no matter what the offense was. It doesn't matter if you will be forgiven. Do it anyway. And if there's a price to pay, you'll see you can afford it in the long run.

 By Jude Ifeme
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