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Life Can Be A Little Simpler

Life can be just a little less complex. One often wonders why most of the time people take life rather too seriously. It's a fact that things happen. Very bad things. In fact things that largely seem beyond our control. We lose the life we've worked for. We lose our loved ones. Basically, sometimes we go through all shades of dark days, that it would apparently seem as though one had been struck by a streak of bad luck that just wouldn't go away. But what if we unknowingly bring all that upon ourselves? What if all we needed to do all along was to stop, take a deep breath and change our thoughts? One only needs a trial to realise that heavy burdens can be made light by a simple task of deliberately tampering the way we think and do things;from our work place, to our home and in our relationships, everything will begging to bear different results. The distance between success, of any kind, and what we call failure lies in the navigation of our thoughts. I prefer see lif