Does Sex Make Lasting Relationships?

The sensual touches, the kisses, the deep electrifying thrusts, the bursts of raw desire that you'd never want to end, the explosive climax. Orgasm. SEX is deep. In fact it is the closest to anyone can get to another.

However, this rousing sense of intimacy can also be false, momentary and can become alarmingly rueful. If not properly handled, sex can be blighting.

One of the most popular approach to love in human evolution is to surrender to the allures of sex; try to understand the other individual through their crotch rather than the many signals they send, presenting their other more stable needs. This is not to say that sex is not a vital need in a relationship.

When pursuing a long-term relationship immediate sexual satisfaction should not be the primary focus. When possible, it should be avoided in other to truly maintain the mental alertness to fully access the values and motives of each other.

Some people come into a new relationship totally broken by the previous one, they may not be ready for another relationship just yet because they do not posses the mental clarity to fully understand their new partner or even take the best decision for themselves. But with sex they will find themselves​ cruising into yet another hurtful relationship; hoping this new one will somehow rub-off the other.

Some marriages have been contracted on the grounds of pregnancy, others due to rape or loss of virginity, and bizarre as it may seem, some people have ended up married to those who had them infected with terminal diseases. In such cases, people have  surrendered their lives to fate and such marriages, at best, are that of convenience rather than of love.

Such couples must at some point have realized that it wasn't love after all, and that sex can hardly be defined as love - but only a medium of expression sundry desires -  they then go on hoping to somehow strike love along their marital journey. Many are not so lucky.

Many who overlook the many other needs of their intended spouse in favor of sex might some day wake up to discover they're married to some stranger because the time they should have used to understudy was instead focused on single aspect of the relationship. They also get to discover that no matter how exhilarating it was, that at some some point afterwards, the lusting will wane, the raging hormones will yield to reality. And that same fellow who never took his hands off might begin new adventures elsewhere or even become evasive upon sight of nudity. Sex had been confused with love.

I understand the need, drive and momentary desire for sex in us and the fleeting satisfaction it provides but we are truly not meant to have intercourse with every soul that comes across, just because they have sex appeal, even if we date them.


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