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Does Sex Make Lasting Relationships?

The sensual touches, the kisses, the deep electrifying thrusts, the bursts of raw desire that you'd never want to end, the explosive climax. Orgasm. SEX is deep. In fact it is the closest to anyone can get to another. However, this rousing sense of intimacy can also be false, momentary and can become alarmingly rueful. If not properly handled, sex can be blighting. One of the most popular approach to love in human evolution is to surrender to the allures of sex; try to understand the other individual through their crotch rather than the many signals they send, presenting their other more stable needs. This is not to say that sex is not a vital need in a relationship. When pursuing a long-term relationship immediate sexual satisfaction should not be the primary focus. When possible, it should be avoided in other to truly maintain the mental alertness to fully access the values and motives of each other. Some people come into a new relationship totally broken by the previous one,


I filled my heart with fears Of right and wrong For things that are not yet done. I set my feet free from these shoes I have worn, To shell my soul from the paths I walk. I feel your pulse once again; The Phoenix given to death Shall once reign. Jude Ifeme