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Finding The Bond

My strongest addiction as a single was reading. Being alone was bliss and gave me ample time to devour as much literature as one could come by. I had very little care for what happened in other social spaces.  When I got married some years ago I had fears my lifestyle might have some effect on my family bonding, so I chose family. I found a great partner in my wife and have bonded excellently with my kids. But my love for the books and writing have suffered tremendously. A few months ago, I decided to return to reading​. If you were a reader you would know that if you've ever read a book that it has a way of reaching back to you whenever you saw the title. Going through my shelve, I realized I could sense and recollect every book's content by a mere touch; these were old friends indeed. And it struck me I have not bought new ones in a while. I have returned to reading, having made friends with the kids. I know they must sometimes wonder why Daddy suddenly has to stare for

Tomorrow Is For The Old

Our parents in their youthful moment plundered our future; they took it from thieving whitemen and shared it amongst bent 'yesmen'. They borrowed Her grammar; the world applauded their ego, while countrymen wasted fellows on the streets that needed uniting. We are raised to bury their sins. Are we the wedge before their baying demons? Never mind, tomorrow is still for the old. 1st Oct., 2002

A psalm from the keg

Okon told them you died, Amasun also said you died; Tobe danced when he heard you died – Aba whispered to the ladies that you have died: It was only us that know people Who have known people, And have mastered the art of palm wine drinking, That could tell a sleep from a stupor. Jude Ifeme Subscribe to POETIC IDEAS Follow @mcjudeci