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5 Mistakes Young Men Make Before Marriage

The success of every marriage is determined by the resolve of the individuals involved, what they know, and their willingness to implement. For the young man who intends to walk that path sooner or later, here are five proven ways not to attempt marriage.
Make unrealistic impression: It is natural for a young man to want to impress his lady. You want to let her see how refined you are; give her some nice treat so she can see how ‘right’ you are for her. It has something to do with the ego – yes, we all have some. Beyond that, a good impression helps to plane the path to a woman’s heart. But remember, when you make an impression you must have to live up to it. Never exude what you are not made of. A lady will only come to resent you the moment they get to realize you’re a fraud. Yes – even after she’s become your wife!

Go on a spending spree: Some men just cannot resist the urge to spend their way into a woman’s heart. Perhaps you think you are just not spending enough and that is why th…