If You Will Ever Change Your Partner

One of the most elusive accomplishments one can achieve in a relationship is to change the individuality of one’s partner. It is soul sapping, to say the least. Except one want to live in perpetual frustration they should not venture into that.

This is not to say that people do not change, they do. But people change out of conviction on things that are in line with their inner beliefs. People change because they do not want to relearn certain lessons of life. People change for greater purpose, when their soul is rightly touched.

If one is ever going to change out of another person’s influence, it would be their act, not their art. People are most likely to change because of how you honestly live than your theatrics. Since people are most averse to active enforcement, it is better to be passive, otherwise resentment would be stirred up, or outright pretense activated. The worst situation a relationship ever is when a partner resolves to pretending as a way avoiding confrontation.

Never put your partner in a position where they’ll mirror you with what you want to see them be rather than who they are. Do not let them learn how to give you some false satisfaction. For when the fuel a relationship runs on is counterfeit, the joy will be short lived. Ultimately, the rocks will be its inevitable destination.

Rather than change your partner’s nature, you should instead focus on supporting them in their chosen endeavor. This will help summon the right spirit that will subsequently allow them to create a room essential for your accommodation in their life. Relationship is actually about creating such toxic free environment that is auspicious for mutual habitation.

However, if you must change your partner, you must first start by living that change. You must be seen as an embodiment of that which you desire or utter. And never ever tell them to do it. Naturally they will see how beneficial the energy you carry is, and since they’re all about your happiness they will, at their own pace, compliment your efforts.

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