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A Letter To My Daughter

One night seven years ago, I was filled with certain fatherly thoughts. I have always wanted to have a daughter but being single and still searching I decided to pen a letter to my unborn daughter - I mean -  that was the closest I could get to being a father. Six years on, after two wonderful boys, I got meet my cute little girl. And as she turns one, I remembered this post buried somewhere in my blog. She's such a blessing! Dear daughter,   As I look down on this blank, unlined paper waiting to get inscribed with ink, I could imagine an angelic face on the brink of making a transition into a world of many wonders. I want you to know that you have been loved already. I could only imagine what it’s like over there on the other side, so I think you should consider it a fatherly advice and hold on to as much memory as you could while crossing over to this journey full of treachery and pain, hopelessness, and yet permeated with a lot of joy, and I hope you will come to add

The Way They Roll

Fake names, fake hair, Fake lashes and fake air; Fake nails – skin dubiously light, Fake tits and fake height:                     A fair hunk, a feigned smile; A lust tango – such mutual wile.         Love frowns, walks on by, Cupid waves a bye-bye ©Jude Ifeme The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts Subscribe to POETIC IDEAS Follow @mcjudeci

Why Africa Does Not Grow

Africa will never grow if her nations continue to act the scripts written and directed by the industrialized economies of the West and the East and keep swallowing their economic prescriptions. It is common knowledge that every writer designs the fate of his characters. What is Africa’s fate? From the colonialists of the past, to the world’s new economic power houses, the story is the same. More machineries are digging in, more hoses are sucking up the very soul of Africa, what is left of its value is washed down the sea. The role of Africa has always been limited to the extractive level; the farmhouse of the industrialists. Yet these nations rarely own or control these productive forces on their land after they are signed off. Even with colonialism gone, African nations still do not control their destinies. Many are African nations that beat their chests over decades old independence, yet their leaders jostle to become blue-eyed boys of the West and East. The years are the onl

If You Will Ever Change Your Partner

One of the most elusive accomplishments one can achieve in a relationship is to change the individuality of one’s partner. It is soul sapping, to say the least. Except one want to live in perpetual frustration they should not venture into that. This is not to say that people do not change, they do. But people change out of conviction on things that are in line with their inner beliefs. People change because they do not want to relearn certain lessons of life. People change for greater purpose, when their soul is rightly touched. If one is ever going to change out of another person’s influence, it would be their act, not their art. People are most likely to change because of how you honestly live than your theatrics. Since people are most averse to active enforcement, it is better to be passive, otherwise resentment would be stirred up, or outright pretense activated. The worst situation a relationship ever is when a partner resolves to pretending as a way avoiding confrontation.