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How Giving Can Sometimes Hurt

Except you have a standing death wish you should not expect a thing from anyone you have helped. And yes, the universe gives back whatever you have given in equals and triples and infinities but we must learn to give rightly.
Once I came across a saying that, ‘if you did a good turn and you were repaid with evil then there’s a bid of wickedness attached to your good.’
That may not be as ominous as it depicts. My take on the saying is that you must leave your ego out of your giving. Your left hand should not see what the right is doing when giving. When one gives in expectation of returns then one might as well have bought some stocks because that would no longer be charity.
Many of us deem it most charitable to give to the most prospective and the upcoming, or to those whose future we can already foretell, so that when they get to their paradise we will be remembered (talk about the bid of wickedness, perhaps). But more often than not many have been failed by this scheming; leaving them…

Stuck In The Gecko's World

I don’t hate Gecko. How could I? I mean, God must have spent quite some heavenly time to mold and breathe on that one, too. Butwaking up every morning to find that creepy, lazy troll on the wall by my head is just too much for me. It stirs up nightmare, you know? 

No wonder I often found myself in some nondescript desert, trapped in this particular nightly sight in which this odious skeletal figure in turban chased me with a long dagger dripping with blood, I think, screaming, “I want brood! Gimme brood!” And, I running like I’ve got two bags of cement tied to my thighs.

I have never had the gut to stand and ask why it needed the blood, and particularly mine. Call that fear if you will. I’m only human. Besides, I hear fear is a more permanent human emotion than courage. And courage hasn’t ever existed where there isn’t fear.   
Having fled the religious chaos of Kaduna city with nothing but the clothes on my back and a bag of letters I was to deliver to a branch office across town – whi…

Delta Call


More lip services, more spillages, More pilfering and more hostages.

More ta-ta! ta-ta! in the creeks, More tears running down cheeks.

More soldiers and more guns, More militants to do the runs.

More things not getting done well, More closely we get to hell.

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