Where was my Papa?

Where was he?
He seemed to have released
Those millions and me in such a hurry;
Quelled his phallic hunger
And cycled off without a worry.

Where was he since he closed
That door behind ?
Perhaps opening more doors;
Making more maddened babies -
Plundering hearts of the ladies,
Fouling their fine lives
And brushing them all behind.

Where was he since he brushed mama
And I behind?
Perhaps, he forgot we weren’t the only
Things he’d brushed behind:
He once did his glossy black hairs too,
And his photos won’t hide that, too.

And I'll ask once more:
What did he do with his hairs’ blackness?
Because he is bent and back
And pleads I care for the grey ones.
Where was papa? Where was he?

By: Jude Ifeme

Photo: Dreamstime


  1. Hmm......... now that he is back with grey ones, the questions that cropped up my mind were; where was he coming from? what will nature hold for the one he left behind, just as he'd u.


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