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Sucess or failure? The choice is yours.

Only a few of us will get to ever truly live life. The rest will follow their every line of thought, whim, will satisfy their every desire; and all they’ll ever need is express them. These few will be like the source for all men because they do things rightly. Man, though created to think and become, resigns to pursing the easy way through life, ironically the paths mostly perceived to be easy are indeed the most difficult and most fulfilling. The mind of man is one with the universe, and nothing is denied to one that is given to the other except one does not know how to ask or how to receive. Our dreams, our passions and fears constantly mold what we call our destiny. We fail to note that our destinations in life are in a constant flux, always responding to our decisions and actions. While some will always be rich and others poor, it is by no means the fault of the rich that the poor lacks, except when one steals directly from the rest which should then be treated