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Why do you give?

  Photo credit Give, not to people who can give back to you; not to people who will become subservient in their honest efforts to show gratitude. And not to sycophants, men whose tongue can't taste their heart. Give to people who will think you an angel because they'll never see you again. Give to someone who will feel divinity in your act and call it that singular deed a miracle. They don't see you, they see the love. Though it is rare for man to truly help another without helping his own interest(s). But giving can only be true when we give out virtue and expect nothing. Be wary of them who, though may not expect money for their money: they ride on the wings of adulation; their reward is indeed paid in praise, and nothing more. Besides worship, what can man of dust give to God who enriches man to give to his fellows? How do you call it giving when you are only building a mansion for your self in heaven? What if there is no heaven, wouldn't yo

How to maintain a sound mind

There are a few people walking this planet who can maintain a form for long; one moment they want be like the latest pop sensation, the next moment they wish they had their neighbor's charm or luck or possessions. To maintain a form, one must learn to look inward rather than outward. One must learn to look inward without becoming self-obsessed, self-righteous, or judgmental of the choices others make. Though one may be non-conforming to ideas that do not agree with their innermost, or proven, philosophies of life; one must learn to avoid being contemptuous. Being able to develop an internal sieve that enables one to separate facts from fiction, fancied rights from frivolous notions becomes imperative. However, one must be able to look wrongfulness in the eyes and call it by its name, even if it is coming from within oneself or someone within one's circle of interest. To maintain a form is to have character, which is the consolidation of habit. This can be achie