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Contentment: Why do we desire the things that aren't ours

The things that appeal to us the most are those we never had. That lover that didn’t stay. That child we couldn’t raise. The union we had and lost; and when we do grow old, we tend to miss most of all the things we never did, while the ones we did once do and cherished are sometimes carelessly relegated to the background. We do desire - sometimes to a point obsession -  those things we never had mostly because they didn’t get the chance to disappoint us just as the ones we have had our hands wrapped around did. Just because we never got to familiarize with them, we tend to live on considering them perfect and most worthy. That love you never had could have made you perfect; the promising chap who died young could have changed the world; if you ever did harken to your desire to leave where you are now you could have become rich and famous or happier: yes, you 'could' have. But you could also have died or been imprisoned, or even could been far less co