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Ended Oppression

I'm an outcast in your judgment;
A dropout from your school of thought.
I’m that fool made out of your crafty designs -
You know, I'll never get it right.

I'm lost, wretched,
But I’m not humanity's garbage!
I'm only a visible manifestation
Of your endless castigation;

And I’ve have come a long way.
I’ve left my smile miles behind,
Fed my laments to your hankering demons,
And my torments I've worn like a better skin.                                

I am that pie abandoned in the rain
To rot into a billion bits,
But my molecules won't go up in a fouled air:
I've become a figurine of your nightmare,

A cornerstone of your paranoia,
A death you didn’t will come.
I’m slow.
Your creation has found liberation.

© Jude Ifeme
Photo credit: spyGhana