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Day of Deceit

Your best smile:
Let it linger like a light from the sun
Our adulations unquenched.
Veil your mortal fangs,
Feed us luscious lies lest we feel their pangs.
Your best words:
Spill them with the smoothness of a
Romantic poet; affect our sensuousness,
Let even sages bask in their baneful showers.
Your best walk:
Let each step be a revelation of your
Innermost swag, go on...
Hypnotize our gullible minds
While clueless cameras memorize.
© Jude Ifeme
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Matters Of The Heart

Oh sweet Erika
You wanted a place in his heart
And got a spot in his car
Another shade to his artThe sacks below your eyes
The ashes of withered passion
A still star in moving skies
Lays no claim to their motionOh dear Erika
Can't count your loses on ten fingers
Matters of the heart are what they are
But you got to leave this to the head© Jude Ifeme