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Keeping Faith

More and more, and more times in life challenges will be thrown at you. It doesn’t matter how strong you are; it doesn’t matter how big your faith is – you are brought to a place of doubt, a place where questions dwell more than answers.

It could be that you have suffered rejection, given your all and a lot more only to have all your good deeds and kindly intentions thrown back at your face, and it hurts. Not only does it but your rejecter moves on like life just got even better.

It could be that that you have lost your source of livelihood, your worth reversed, ego shattered and you have to look up to those who once looked up to you.

It could be you’ve been robbed by death – a loved one taken away at such prematurity. And all you are left with are memories, questions, and fragments of a thing that used to be a whole.

Or could it be that you are down with an illness, or series of ailments – that you wonder if they are locked in a battle to see which emerges as your eventual terminato…