Marriage Made In Heaven

There's divinity in most things we do - that power beyond us setting the posts and shapening the fields - which only leaves us to marvel or grapple.

But the success of anything we do will largely, or always, depend on the amount of dedication we put in, and marriage is not an exception. The success of every marital union will depend on the level of mutual acceptance shared by the couple involved, the time invested, the love and sacrifice both individuals may be willing to give. 

Marriage is not a place where you come to meet prepared solutions, or hope to automatically have your life  transformed by its shere pronouncements, or even get instant  rehabilitation from the emotional or lustful wretched you were just yesterday.

Much as marriage can help in your general psychological appreciation, one must have had a previous determination to change, or must have started a workout on their character to enjoy meaningful transformation. 

There is no marriage made in heaven! Divinity can bring you together but staying together is entirely the choice only a couple can make. Marriage is hard work, but one you must accept to do before you can enjoy it.


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