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Vain Embrace



I believed there was
a woman on the face
of the moon

She cried and it rained
on the earth.

We would sing to her
to stop, so we could
chase our bouncy leather ball.

When we cared less,
we'd played in her tears
never seeing our acquired

muddiness or the emptiness
of the street.

I blink those days away
when I look at my
little son.

~Jude Ifeme
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The Roads Traveled

Some short-cuts lead to never-ending journeys,
Some detours end in timely destinations.
Some roads cross at points of no-return,
Some never meet though their probes are the same.

Sometimes we travel, not knowing;
Sometimes we become the journey we undertake.

Some journeys bear no direction;
Some directions define the journey they carry.

Our life soon become the worlds we live in,
Our prints etched on their boundless memories.

~ J.Ifeme
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She paused at the door, her pain
Recaptured in a brief,endless second -
This seed sown in her violation continues
To violate her from within!

A tight fist,
A tense heart,
A violated soul echoing the songs
Of the violent.

Deep inside the forceps probed,
The anger arose,
The seed unplugged from
Its unwilling host.

Moments afterwards,
Tears of defeat rolled down
The relieved face of
A could-have-been mom.

Jude Ifeme
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