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Who Are You?


Love Blues

Two young lovebirds stagger in; the girl's head resting on the guy's broad left shoulder, while his hand securely winds around her narrow waist.He gulps quietly. He'd imagined tonight with Josephine like that. No, he`d imagined her walk in, then he would reach out to her across the restaurant - Kiss her gently on the forehead, hold her head so close to his heart she would hear its quick strokes, then he would whisper those words... He has had them rehearsed and memorised. He believes she would not resist.The lovebirds are settled into a cosy seat in a semi dark corner at the left. It is hard to make out their faces but he could hear the girl's muffled giggle. She laughs just like Josephine. The guy swells on a thick baritone he's almost certain is faked. He tries to look away but couldn't, until fears they'd noticed him. *phone rings*
Josephine. He frantically reach for his breast pocket. It's his mum calling. His heart deflates.
"Hello mum... Yes,…

SINKING (Short story)