Success Has A Price Tag

The way to success is like a winding road riddled with potholes and stumps, some soon learn to safely avoid them after a few falls, while others lay where the have been tripped, or simply go back to the life they find easy to navigate.

In pursuit of our dreams we are meant to encounter these obstacles, which, individually, would seem like the definitions of the end of our endeavours but are in reality meant to usher in a new phase.

We give up because there seem to be no end in sight, we give up because people ridicule our efforts and make us feel we are not good enough for our aspirations.

Or may be even because inspirations have worn and we've gone lethargic, but the darkest hour, they say, is before dawn. Do you realise how close you were to your breakthrough before you gave up your last pursuit? If you did you'd never forgive yourself.

For every successful man or woman you see out there a price was paid, battles were fought and won. Some even still have the war going on in their private lives. Because even when achieved success must also be maintained.

Success has a price tag and only those willing and able to pay such prices are elevated and celebrated. Those who defy the odds make history because they walk paths others have dreaded failed to.

They become celebrated brands; they built their dreams and we all jostle to leave in it. Suddenly everyone wants slice of them, look like them, talk and act like them without wanting to check their history - see how little they were before they dared! Successes are private dreams that have become public lifestyles.

Success has a cost that is not as costly as being grounded in a life you are so desirous leave behind, but any success that would cost you your soul or inner peace is simply not worth having.


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