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When it comes to happiness, we often times can not say where we are; if we are in it or out of it. Why it will not last or will not come. Happiness can be illusive or elusive depending on our state of mind. Sometimes we think we are happy, we believe we have arrived at our happyzone, but all we have done is achieved an objective or accomplishment. Which was bound to give only a flitting sense of contentment or wellbeing and the feeling peters away. And sometimes we set happiness as a goal that we must achieve, then we spend our whole life pursuing it; tearing down and building up - flying high only to later crawl, yet not finding it. In our pursuits we may mirror other peoples' lives, turn them into ours, capture their private dreams in the hope we'll arrive at their proclaimed state of happiness, and in the end our soul is still deflated and craving for substance. To maintain any lengthy sense of happiness, one must seek inner peace first. We must learn to make every mome

Success Has A Price Tag

The way to success is like a winding road riddled with potholes and stumps, some soon learn to safely avoid them after a few falls, while others lay where the have been tripped, or simply go back to the life they find easy to navigate. In pursuit of our dreams we are meant to encounter these obstacles, which, individually, would seem like the definitions of the end of our endeavours but are in reality meant to usher in a new phase. We give up because there seem to be no end in sight, we give up because people ridicule our efforts and make us feel we are not good enough for our aspirations. Or may be even because inspirations have worn and we've gone lethargic, but the darkest hour, they say, is before dawn. Do you realise how close you were to your breakthrough before you gave up your last pursuit? If you did you'd never forgive yourself. For every successful man or woman you see out there a price was paid, battles were fought and won. Some even still have the war going on

The Land Was Green (poem)

When they came They sowed the upper seed They sowed the lower seed They reared malevolence They awoke discontent And left strife in the air Then brothers brought down their own Then vultures met their gluttonous crave Then dogs picked the bones, souls without grave And the land manued on innocent blood The survived farm the fallowed land The victor rule on the shoulder of the vanquished The land echoe the pain of the slaughtered But they that came left, or did they? Ah, no they left a long leash to the neck of the victor When they pull Again it's like when they came The victor will roar his glee And the vanquished will remember his defeat ©Jude Ifeme

Nothing Stays The Same

Life has as many definitions as our varied,individual perceptions. But one thing we all agree to (mainly) is that life changes! Yes, it does continuously. What you may take for granted today could be one thing you'll search for all the rest of your life and never find again. For instance, the people you call poor may be your borrowers someday, those you call useless may disappoint all your possible expectations and those you least expect may be the ones at your rescue when all your paths seem to lead to destruction. Therefore, never write-off or look down on any soul. When a path we have gladly chosen leads to disappointment or pain, we tend to look more to the expectations of our heart rather than be grateful for the lesson we have learn; we question circumstances rather than be thankful for the good times we've had. Life will always change, and our prayers and hopes should be that is does so for the better. If we choose not to allow our challenges and troubles to defin