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Her Kindness Got Me

First, meet radiohead. He has his ears buried under two large earphones, he nods absently - it takes tapping, even shaking, to bring him to the present. Lost in his to the music world. He is the vulcanizer. I pulled over a while ago to fix a punctured tyre. I soon discover I am with a half-nut case, the sound that filters out is so disturbing you'd wonder if He heard at all. Propelled by the music, he treated the tyre in double-quick time, but he has to swap the tyres since I have been on my spare. He got the jack and spanner, lifted the car and removed the spare but was too engrossed with his music to properly wadge the car. As soon as he turns for the other tyre, the car slips and - gwashhh! That's when she appears; an old gentle lady, scarf-clad head and wrinkled skin. First, she swiftly finds grabs a stone to wedge one of the tyres so it doesn't roll again, then she offers me a seat to sit down - I declined, while radiohead finds a fix for the jack which is damage