How To Stay Faithful In A Relationship

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Faithfulness in a relationship is not about your faith or religion, but a personal resolve to stay true to a partner in spite of other distractions.
It is about the will of an individual; unwavering and undivided.
I emphasize on the will or mind because some of the greatest battles of man are fought in the mind, once the mind is defeated; the physical fight becomes a mere exercise of muscles.

The habit of staying faithful to a single partner though can start at anytime but is best started before one is committed for the long run. One must learn to content one’s desires with a single partner.
People who double date for fun, or care less about commitment in their youth may find it difficult to stay with any single partner at any given time, those who indulge in lustful and carefree philosophies would have developed a mindset that does not permit commitment.

It has been suggested in some quarters that people should love themselves or they’d never be able to truly love others, but that can only go as far as helping people develop self esteem or get rid of certain bitterness, however, in a relationship, self-love is a bad recipe and if stretched can lead to selfishness which has a maximum potential of grounding a relationship.

Most people who cannot keep any close relationship should have to take a close look at the information that has shaped their lives, investigate their lifestyle because we can never be on a different path from our past decision except we take new ones.
To stay faithful in a relationship, one must learn to give up certain self-gratifications, open up to contentment and be appreciative of what they have got.


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