Pharaohs of Lies


They breathe yet in hallowed houses
Trading, feeding fat on common goods –
Smooth tongues, vain vows, impotent priests!

Pharaohs of lies
Masons of deceit, building their own walls
Hedging the truth in double speaks
And false deeds
Don’t ask where goes a wasted dream
The pharaohs of lies are the harbingers
Of doom
To things that are and to come!

Pharaohs of lies
Men bonded by misdeeds
Awarded for deceit
Celebrated by cronies and the deceived!
Once they come in the meekness
Of a pardoned soul
Then they are back to playing gods
And demigods
To be worshiped by the hands that molded them!

Pharaohs of lies
Lost in the labyrinth of their hallowed lair
Waking to the skeleton of their clothed lie
They are Pharaohs of lies, a paradigm of waste
In a paradise far from heaven.

Jude Ifeme

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