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There are times when you sit back and wonder if you have taken the best decisions in life. At such times, you are bound to seek vindication where there may be none, assert self -validation if no one validates your action, consider vengeance to get on par, or simply succumb to the trudge of regret.  To arrive here, you must have hit one of life’s many treacherous brick walls. And it is hard to simply gather oneself and move on, especially when you are not yet decided whether your actions are right or wrong, if you have acted in weakness or in wisdom.  I have come to understand that some of the trickiest issues in life can arise in friendship. First is deciding how far to grant a person access to your personal life. And then, determining how far to go, or not to, in the event of a betrayal. Irrespective of the duration of a relationship, the slap from a trusted friend can hurt far more than a blow from an enemy.  At times like this, one is left to wonder if there really is such a t