Things Are Not The Same

Each day as I drove to work, I got slowed in this recurrent traffic jam on the major road, and because it was always about the same segment of the road, perhaps I came to the mental acceptance of the daily routine as the same.

Once in a while I would catch-up with someone I knew or some vehicle I have subconsciously memorized. I even learned to efficiently navigate the road without consciously looking out for the bends and potholes.

Today it struck me, that much as I knew this road, thought I understood the flow of traffic and its composition; that I was missing something very vital, though ostensibly insignificant! Although each day seemed the same on the surface, they had their glaring peculiarities.

Never again in this life will the same cars file out in exactly the same order, on this same road. Never again will the same people, dressed in the same way, sit on the same spots, in the same posture on this same road. Never again will the same pedestrians stand or loiter in exactly the same manner on the on this same road.

And this, I suppose, applies to the wider world. Events may naturally reoccur, things may be planned and executed over and again, but never will their circumstances and underlining factors be the same again.

But, of course, if we live by sight alone, they will always be our routine; the differences indeed will always be glaring but unseen.

Jude Ifeme

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  1. Hmmm! Deep and insightful post. Everyday we evolve and of course things around us change. In spite of the feeling of deja vu we tend to have sometimes, things truly never stay the same.

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  2. "the differences indeed will always be glaring but unseen."

  3. yes,we are driven by our "senses" and respond by way
    of our "cents"!!!!!!!!!!!!
    arthur charles ford,sr.,poet


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