Ghetto Highbrow

These streets don’t give cold shoulders
Like the opulent streets of Maitama
Or the flowered crescents of asokoro
But awakens you to a medley of wannabe dreams

A flat, a shop – storeys emerging from a shanty!
In a striking dissonance beauty transforms the beast

The people are warm, the law is far
You could smell the inner ghetto in your backyard
And watch dreamers covet you in their dream
While the louts eagerly await yuletide raid

A path meets a roadway, power lines tempt balconies
Someone fails to toe a plan
Another builds on a sewage line, raises a fence
Against the river, the river waits upon the rain

Different sounds from different homes
Different colour for every house
The road turns pool when it rains
While the river reclaims its lost land


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  1. I like simplicity wordings, and then there a depth that you always take... nice.

  2. Nice...thought your style a bit different. How are you doing?

  3. Hi Jude, you have a book out yet?

  4. Beautifull Africa... greeat... i foloow your blog. pliss follback.
    if u want to know about my Country Indonesia culture and Tourism...

  5. Interestibg poem. Simple yet very graphic. i love it!

  6. Interesting poem. Simple yet graphic. I love it!


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