Angels Don’t Stay

We start the journey of love, craving for perfect things; the hugs, the kisses, the touch – pray cupid for a perfect shot; the one with the fairest face, that one with the brightest smile, so our dream will come alive. But life has something to say, though you find that angel someday – angels, they don’t stay. We hold our dreams to heart, if we only will find that one, then life would be complete. But if you do not find a flaw, perhaps you should search again, for angels don’t stay, and no one plays the angel for long. The road to perfection is made of imperfections. You must open your eyes to the flaws, you must touch the flaws, you must know the flaws, and then you will know the MAN. For the only angels we can be, are ones with failings and flaws. We start the walk of love, with all the wrongs in place; we fail to know that loving starts with you giving.

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