We Are Not in Control

Someday, may be, we all get to realize that we are not in control of our very life, or destiny. We may be in charge of our daily activities, grant or hold back our consent, and even decide what shape our body takes or what not to do, where not to go. But, ultimately, the general direction to our purpose on earth can best be seen beyond the human grasp.

One night a young man conceives a big idea, and when the morning comes he sets out to realize that vision. He breaks through every barrier and surmounts all oppositions, and finally he reaches his destination. His personal purpose may be to arrive at a point ‘A’ and he does, but soon he realizes that arriving at that point is only a beginning of an even greater mission, or a mere lesson of a decision never to have been made. At times, other peoples’ interests are to be advanced by what may have been selfish at the onset.

There are times when we reluctantly take on a course in life, we search for reasons not to go on, and we fight every nudge in the direction or even regret that we ever had to take the first step, but soon enough the purpose of that mission is brought to light, and that may be the greatest joy we’d ever come to in our brief stay here on earth.

In deciphering what the future holds, some go to great lengths, including the supernatural. Sometimes answers are found – but to what questions? And actions are taken for the wrong reasons. And even when the future is said to have been seen, other events play out to change or cancel that which is known.

Wars are fought, famines occur, quakes, hurricanes – peace is made, prosperity is achieved, harmony, coexistence, but the behavioral propensity of man does and does not explain them all, and things don’t just happen.

We are on diverse pedestals of life, but all different courses still find a meeting point in the general purpose of creation, we are only left with the feeling of control.


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  1. deep, ye alot of things are defo not in our control... we can only choose the way we use our minds (to an extent)


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