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To Love And Be Loved

Sitting across him His silhouette dense like the night His cigar lighting the dark. It almost felt sacred As smoke-like incense rose. I could feel my legs shaking; yea my knees quaking I couldn’t bear to look up I didn’t dare breathe out My nails dug deep into the mattress I didn’t think I could let go Minutes ago I bore my soul To he who swore my soul mate he’ll be: For then, for now, for always! “…these little things; they matter More than the golds of this earth, More than Its silvers and diamonds alike” I had left for my room There to groan and brood Of love so Slim but true Of life so short but sweet Then… The buzz and bam! my heart froze. My phone his number ‘n name showed. Perhaps tonight dreams come true Perhaps tonight they’ll be shattered. Alas, his voice Cut clearly through my thots and in that moment, I knew: a new dawn! Of love so sweet now sour Of times too short now gone Of


It wasn’t about those millions But me. It wasn’t about the gush of pleasure, The inflammation of passion, Which ignited that blind dash for survival Or those late arrivals. It was about…me. That I didn’t end up nourishment for tissues Or an issue with issues, That I won that fallopian race With enviable grace Didn’t make me lucky! If I could, I would have spoken In words not yet formed: I wasn’t lucky, I was blessed! ©2011, Jude Ifeme

Tears on the Hills

There’s something in the morning sun Not smiling back today There’s violence in every gun Terror in innocence way A trigger-happy cop Whips up a vengeful mob Another beautiful soul blown to early grave And a horde of ruthless cops won’t let the people grieve ©2011, Jude Ifeme January 31st 2011, a woman shot in cold blood by a policeman for being a civilian, unarmed and innocent.