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Your Fall

To speak in tongues truly ours
Our voices echoed across space
And time and minds
Laden with unspoken words
We groan in anticipation of
The birth of freedom,
Your fall.

©2011, Jude Ifeme


Come, come, come O' come
Wisdom for the mind
And vision for the blind

The shame of a nation
The call for liberation
Mourning for the dead
Confusion for the led

Come O'days of bloodless
Come all people regardless
of religions

The sand of earth
The colour of blood
The soul of man
The breath of air

Come O'come
Wisdom for the mind
And vision for the blind
Come for we have so much
to see...

Jude Ifeme


Singing yet a new song
We rise
From the ashes of dead dreams
We rise
We are the voices of reason
We arise with whispers of rhyme
For we summon the seasons

Jude Ifeme