Somewhere New

Tell my mama I have no map
Tell my papa I left his cap
That I have seen images of Europe
And there I might find some hope

I’m done waiting for the oil
Or wealth of abundant gas
For ages they’ve bare the soil
And the proceeds theirs

This desert has my shoes
But I keep to things I knew
Don’t know what they’d be telling you
Mama, seal your ears to the news

This sun sears my skin
And the distance drives insane
But my dream I hide within
I will find some place in Spain

Till I cross that deep blue sea
‘Don’t know what my eyes will see
Tell my papa I left his cap
Tell my mama I have no map

If some day I return
Their lives I will fill with fun
But if home I don’t come
I still know where I am from

But, mama, I have no map
Papa, I know you love that cap

Jude Ifeme

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