MY HATRED By: Kwin Chi

I told him to his face,
and with a fast pace
i left my guard unattended,
i sort him with scorn.
i fondled with my gun,
and with me was spite
of a burning desire to fight,
of a taste to maim,
of a quest to revenge.
how he sold me out..
how i followed him blindly..
oh,how i thot it was real
oh let my reality not be my dream..
for i hv longed for this day...
how cruel he wore dat garment..
of a flowing robe of poverty.
im totally exasperated.
this feeling is indeed excruciating..
i hate him with the hatred of love..
for this is my wish,
that he shall seek love,
but shall be blessed with hatred..
for i wonder
and even ponder
with my thots going yonder..
where did i go wrong??

Kwin Chi

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  1. I like the new look. SO who is Kwin Chi?

  2. She is a friend, and i love her energy, what do you think?


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