No – it is not the carbon monoxide
which desiccates the air that gets at you,
It is the tatatatatatatatttttttttttt…
Tutututututututututtttttttttttttt –
they screw serenity on all sides
leaving you half-sane in your quasi-self-sufficiency!

You’ll get discordant tunes to your rhythm and blues
blabbering mess when you need the news
and a strained string to your vocal chord –
that’s if you already can condone the commotion!

You will find a discreet scowl for your neighbors
When their only crime is joining the electric-city!
Just like you!
Away from the days when you
Never Expect Power Always
But it occurs to you baptism don’t cast old demons
They create new ones
Please Help Create Noise!

© J.Ifeme

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  1. I wish, i really wish the nepa situation will improve. i really wish!


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