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On this path of mortality
We tread softly
Trample without caution
But defend the rules or break them
We are captives in our chosen freedoms



Life is not a race, life is like a walk.
Life is not a struggle, but  a stream of challenges.
Life is sad.
Life is sweet.
Life is terrifying, yet beautiful.

Life is obvious but highly mysterious.
Life offers everything - only air is free. 
Life is a gift,
Life is a choice,
Life is a burden - if you feel like carrying...

Do not hold it tight, do not let it go.
Do not call it names - it will always change.
Make a plan or not, life has a plan.
But  be not deceived for nothing is what it shows.



The old chain-watch on the table
Ticks away in cold despair –
It would have dangled from his slim wrist as you shook his hand
And he clasped yours in both palms like a priceless gift;
How worthless time is without a breath!

The three-quarter on the hanger
An air of subtle anger
The red cap that announced a forgotten chieftain –
All mundane burdens finally shed …

You could smell his sweat on the Isi’agu
The stale odor of his earth-suit
Now six feet below
And if you were still gullible you’d think that was him
But the real papa was the wind that swept past as you cried

Departed like a real sojourner
His stay once sweet but now over

(C)2010 J.Ifeme