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But The Eye Is Blind

There’s a world of colors Amid the black and the white – A web of colors Beyond the sight
The eye sees that it wants to see – Vision is in the balls… Like the most intriguing veiled in the sea  Deeper revelations dwell in the unseen
The winds are angels And rule the tides They battle the rebels In the endless wide
The souls of trees The spirits of bees The fingers of the air As they stroke your hair
The haven in our world The dangers in our path The lens on our eyes Still keep us blind

Crying Eyes

Do you see distant lights  – Tell the moon from neon In such a lonely orphan night?
When trust lies Shadows snatch every faith… You vanish before your eyes
It’s not the faith that keeps The going But the anguish that take your sleeps
Do you still know what it takes – Crying eyes, To live far from your mistakes? J.Ifeme

Sixty Seconds Lust

In the sweltering heat of the mid-afternoon, a teenage boy struggles with a barrow of plantain while his bare-feet burn on the hot tarmac. The traffic goes by – the happier are those sealed-off in their air-conditioned cars. An old man with a stern face sweeps used plastics from the front of a row of kiosks, selling everything from coca-cola to g-string pants – his work is endless. You could also use a few shots of locally brewed gin for almost nothing if your liver isn’t burned enough.

Deji feels stifled. He considers ripping off his 45 thousand suit, but gets another thought. If only he was self-employed, he’d simply stayed on his Adam armor and leaves the wow to the world. He hates to wait for anyone. He steps under the shed of a kiosk. He demands for a bottle of coke from a chubby girl across the counter, and then steals a glance at his watch before – his face contorted in irritation. He gropes for his breast-pocket.

Suddenly, a young lady appears. He follows her invisible trail b…

You Are Not Perfect

You’ve done it again –

Shattered your words

On the face of my expectations;

How do I sail without your wind?

I look into those brown eyes…

Beyond the glamor of the lashes,

The glaze –

But it’s me, not you calling…


More and more


More and more

I see the me I want in you –

The shape and form you have to take

The dream – I want you to live

Never letting you be…

Yet I find nothing I look for.

You’ve done it again…

Knotting your life with mine

So we can be free

Being an irreplicable soul you are

And yet my mate

Daring me to see you as I see my self –

An imperfect being in an imperfect world

Awaiting completion…

2010 © J.Ifeme