What A Lie

There is nothing lies can not fix.
A single lie could make you rich, bring you fame, and make the world jostle to pay your bills.

A network of lies could trap you that love of your life - give you that what-a-wonderful-world feeling, as if the sun rises just to see you.

A lie could inspire much more creative energy than than truth, because the truth is vulgar, when it is not stifling fun.

At least, once in a day an average person is faced with a situation where the truth becomes the hardest work, especially when it will bring sadness or pain or incur condemnation or punitive action. Maybe the truth is just too real to handle.

Prevarication is long and may run into the truth at an unexpected corner, so why not just put things to rest with a single sweet lie and the world is a better place for everyone?

Sometimes we just have to play it smart - serve the truth in a wrap of lies. I guess this brings us to question of white lies and true lies: where we tell those seemingly harmless lies that shouldn't hurt, or accept those that have been said over and over that they compete for space with known truths - after all, what is not true?

Why shouldn't we compromise, our value systems should condone lies and our institutions reward them, if they are deft enough, after all it is a fast changing world and we ought reward creativity.

The most unfashionable thing to do is be scrupulous. It is imbedded in our religions, planted in our cultures, honoured in our fashion and normalised in our civilization. All you ever need to do is put the right tag to it - lie.

How boring life would be without lies. I hear you think.

I thought of that, and I wondered-what a lie!
Lie is what makes a butterfly play the bird, and the frog forget it's not fish.
And nothing proliferates like lie.

Nothing can be more peacful to the soul than when it lets out the truth! And that is what matters most if you still breathe.


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