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What A Lie

There is nothing lies can not fix.
A single lie could make you rich, bring you fame, and make the world jostle to pay your bills.

A network of lies could trap you that love of your life - give you that what-a-wonderful-world feeling, as if the sun rises just to see you.

A lie could inspire much more creative energy than than truth, because the truth is vulgar, when it is not stifling fun.

At least, once in a day an average person is faced with a situation where the truth becomes the hardest work, especially when it will bring sadness or pain or incur condemnation or punitive action. Maybe the truth is just too real to handle.

Prevarication is long and may run into the truth at an unexpected corner, so why not just put things to rest with a single sweet lie and the world is a better place for everyone?

Sometimes we just have to play it smart - serve the truth in a wrap of lies. I guess this brings us to question of white lies and true lies: where we tell those seemingly h…

Waiting To Be Me

I hear my father on the balchony of my mind
Clatter and clink, aroma of mama's delicacy ...

My mind and feet, my heart and taste bub set from my first milk.
My father's dreams, my mother's fears,
Their hopes molded into this bundle I call me

My dreams are written on the template of my heart
Waiting to be read, waiting to be heard
Waiting to be me.

- J.Ifeme
March 2000

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Public Saint

Those eyes know how sinners baptise saints.
There is a swagger in his walk that says it all-
Where he's been
What he's done
Even the path he didn't't takeHe'd be quick to read the old lines-
He's there to answer the call,
Your call!
He's there to salvage your life,
Believe him... and die.
He is like a shell without a soul-a soul without conscience-conscience lost in self.
He runs from the dark cos you might come for him
He runs from the light cos his shadow might kill him
He is the saint on the screen
Talking about fixing your life
While his screams for help.(C) Febuary 2010 J.Ifeme
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