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Waking My Thoughts (Quotes)

There comes a time when you have to let a love go so love can find you. As you break hearts, yours unknowingly learns to break. When the wicked define justice, a nation suffers. Fame is what you get when you've lost your privacy. When fate sweeps you off, you don't get to choose your landing. Which is better, to crawl amongst the rich or be a king in the mist of the poor? Hell is when you have to choose between poverty and disease. A man who robs his own is less than a man. A man with a dead conscience is like a bullet, he goes through his mother's heart without knowing it. Your god is as good as your belief. All marriage will work if only couples will quit believing marriage is simply made to work. Marriage is like traveling an unknown path with an unknown company, everything unfold at the same time. -J.Ifeme