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Before His Legend

Before His Legend      By: J.Ifeme

Like a window to a home

Is the eye to the soul

Open and brightness calls

Close and darkness falls…

A little boy came to me, and said; “I want to go someplace I can study and be a great man.”

I looked at him, the flame of ambition beamed in his eyes. He smiled at me – that sort of smile that reached the ears without showing the teeth.

“Ok,” I replied, “go to Florence’s – there you will find every provision you will need to be great.”

He stared straight into my eyes, his smile unflinching, and then he vanished.

I woke up profusely sweating. The room was pitch-dark. I groped for the switch on the wall and turned on the light. The hands of the wall clock firmly stood under 12:00 am.

My sister, Florence, and her husband, Edwin, lay behind the wall. Florence was eight months pregnant.

I never mentioned a word about my dream to either her or her husband.

When Tira was born weeks later, I found it rather unsurprising that it was a baby boy, and quite norma…


If you ever wish you could turn

The hand of time and I never showed up

Remember this kiss

Remember this kiss

When the fires of passion dies

And romance flies away on cupid wings

When my voice croaks

My breath stale, my strength frail

And these fine muscles go puffy –

When my well-toned skin bears hair in

Annoying places

Remember this kiss

Remember this kiss when the charm

In my smile is gone

Remember this kiss

For it comes from deepest of my heart

And its memory forever etched in my being

Remember this kiss

When this mortal body is shed

And cold

When my eyes no longer hold

The beauty of your stare

And my fingers no more feel

Remember this kiss

This one, Miss

Yes, this

2010 © j.ifeme