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Nothing is barely interesting Birds squabble over nesting Languid moments fade away Emotions rock my defenses I’m sick of mending fences Can’t the head find me a way? I find no answers in the stars I’m done counting distant cars I close the lids to yet another day! 2010© J.Ifeme

O' Jos

Weep great city of the highlands For your serenity again is snatched away Your morning and mourning become one Weep for the souls of the untimely Buried in mass graves – Hacked, slaughtered, butchered in cold blood – This remorseless feud! Weep our once peaceful city of Jos The world is tired of your loss 2010©J.Ifeme


Farida still speaks in my head She is the rat nibbling my will, chewing my ego – Her scent lives in my bed And her memories won’t go I see her in saintly halo – She wades through the fields of my soul Reviving seas of flowers bowed and sallow A trail of our broken dreams to console I trace footsteps vanished in time When beauty and insipid Freely rhyme When we thought we knew cupid Every memory starts a fight – Forlorn wishes I trade at night But Farida… She still speaks in my head “Love is a puzzle, you need not a muscle” That’s what she says to me _J.Ifeme

Ami Once Lived

Even birds knew Ami had no one – It was easy to call him names Didn’t matter if he ran His skies trailed with blames But you couldn’t hear the heart Until you’d left the crowd Dreams can fall apart When the will is all but around Ami smiled for the last time Before a bullet ripped his head Chasing a life of drugs and crime The living sooner is dead © J.Ifeme