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On The Precipice

Once more I look back
I see the imprints made by minds of men, men before me
Men before my fathers
Men whose thoughts still live like unscathed stones of time
Men whose contradictory beliefs become
Our trajectory into an ambiguous future

I see the perfection of old Ideas open
New doors to imperfect ideas and the imperfect becomes
The new craze, profane grace
The plight of the lowly create vanity fares
Where love is not a means of acceptance
Or an end to human suffering
But a euphemism for self-satisfaction
The enormous pride of man bares its fangs
To all that is divine

I find myself once more on the precipice
In a world ruled by a zillion thoughts
Wondering what values to reawake
Or cast down this cliff

2010 © J.Ifeme


smacking lips
groping hands
rhythmic hips

expectant eyes
unspoken words
quiet sighs


distant lands
broken hearts
feckless wands

forlorn dreams
endless rue
soundless screams

silence kills...


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Dreaming in Words

The Ways of Lie

Recently I made a fire with a stick of match – a tiny yellowish flame that was almost adorable but was meant to burn out a heap of old papers. Within a few minutes I had a crisis with the huge fire created by that tiny flame. The fire did do the job of burning my old, unwanted papers but went further into some dry woods by the corner. Indeed, like you might guess, I had a lot of trouble putting it out.
While some will lie without compunction, others will only do so when the cost of facing the truth is foreseen to be too great to bear. But there are always those who will bask in what is widely called white lie. Basically, this consists of half truths and make-believes; creating of false impressions even without words, presenting ones dreams as though they were reality, brazen embellishments of the truths.
However, no one was ever born that way and most chronic liars may admit they started quite modestly, like toying with the truth – to avoid little embarrassments, or simply trying to i…

Friends Come (and go)

For every situation in life, there is a reason – a purpose. Nothing really happens by chance. The question we must always ask is; why? Why has this come? Why did it go? Why didn’t that just stay?
But the world continuously strives for balance; from the tiniest molecules to the gigantic particles – bitter or sweet extremes hardly stay in focus for longer than they achieve their use. Everything around obeys the order of nature; the wind, the sea, the earth, the universe.
Season comes and season goes, if you desire summer to stretch all year long just because you love the treat, then you must be setting yourself up for a major wreck.
For every friend that crosses your way an everlasting impression is made, while some will continue to stay in spite of changing circumstances, some will breeze out soon after they breezed. However, some will always be like your lovely summer season for the good times sake.
Though it is easy for us to see betrayal where the time is up, hypocrisy where purpos…