This Street Was Home ( contd.)


This room holds my deepest childhood secrets
Sundry memories bounce off its firm old walls
Teleporting me beyond two decades back in time
My early teens
Its tender love, boundless joy
My early sins

The dice of life were re-cast and the sixes failed to show
This un-weathered wooden door closed on my first love
Now a grey haired man squints and holds it wide open
… We smile in mutual recognition
Suddenly my great expectation is on par with futility
So much for the young face I’d hoped to find again

I remember the tears
The truck saddled with our possessions
The friendliest images recoiling from the side-view mirror
The engine gunning for another home beyond the city of Kano

I remember the heart rending fears
The wishful thoughts, the regrets
And now I’m grateful I left to grow
… And found better ways to regret my regrets

2010 © J.Ifeme



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