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Street Peace

The little boy at the third door
Coils on the cold pavement,
Couldn’t let go, or wish for more,
Each day has a whip of judgment;

Teach lessons his young mind
Fears to learn.
Memories better buried or left behind
Robs his daily earn,

Sobs and fruitless day dreams
Rudely taken away…
A stream of piercing screams
Tear down the alleyway –

Rears from the darkness a figure
Vague and nervous, wanes across
The alley with such vigor,
A trail of policemen comes into loss.

The little boy at the third door
Coils on the cold pavement,
Couldn’t let go, or wish for more,
Now has a night of police judgment.
2009 © J.Ifeme


Why is it rare to find someone who sees no good in where they came from? Even in places where the most despicable acts occur, you would still find condemnation of even less severe occurrences elsewhere. Why do we often assume that our own side of things is superior? We treat others with slight even when in reality the situation might just be different.

But, again, are people bad merely because they are from a place perceived, or even known to be bad?

Over the years, I came across a lot of ‘don’ts’, many from family, friends and even colleagues. And with time I realized I carry a bag of ‘don’ts’ myself. Sometimes we may be very educated, and staunchly religious, but when it comes to making certain decisions, we quickly cast aside our sophistication, and unsheathe our: ‘No, you don’t have to mix with this’. ‘No you don’t have to take that seriously’.’ No you are better than them’. Our ego gets to do the talking.

Every so often the reason is simply racist, tribal, ancestral or religious,…

A Letter to My Daugther

Dear daughter, As I look down on this blank, unlined paper waiting to get inscribed with ink, I could imagine an angelic face on the brink of making a transition into a world of many wonders. I want you to know that you have been loved already. I could only imagine what it’s like over there on the other side, so I think you should consider it a fatherly advice and hold on to as much memory as you could while crossing over to this journey full of treachery and pain, hopelessness, and yet permeated with a lot of joy, and I hope you will come to add to its beauty. It is a world of many influences. A world of riches and poverty, highs and lows, wisdom and folly, fame and shame: a world of immense prejudice and little justice. But it is also a world where you can be anything you want to be, if you don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You are a woman, yes? The world expects a lot from your kind yet! So you are also awaited. I want you to know you can do all that without letting your shoulders…

Have You Ever?

Have you ever come to that point where all you could hope for was the end, only for a new road to unfold and your journey starts all over again?
Have you ever waited for that help to come, for that miracle call that would spell an end? And it does come but the fellow on the other side needs your help instead?

Have you ever fallen in love, have ever given it your all, not wanting much in return but just a little acknowledgement of your feeling; a little attention, but he/she was totally oblivious because they are in love with another? Has your heart ever broken and it meant nothing to the other?
Have you ever woken up in the morn not knowing where to go, not knowing where your next meal would come from? Have you ever starved so much that you wished you could pick some money on the street?

Have you ever been stranded? Have you ever found yourself in a strange land, strange faces, with no money and no other means to continue but to beg? Have you ever lost your pride, feel your every sens…