But His Choice is Hard

You could see him on the busy avenue
Searching for someone new, on faces he hardly knew.
Every hand is a helping hand
Holding out a magic wand
And his life he meekly offers to their transformation
Which seem, each day, to be on its way though on crutches.

He would smile to your scorn,
Flinch to fun…
And plead to your humanity,
If you’ve still got one.
“Brother, please…”

Do you need to hear his tale
To know he has pain?
Can’t you see the boulder
On his shoulder?
It tells in his voice
He’s made a hard choice
How far can you go
To help another man’s ego?
He knows what it means
To live without means
Crawl amongst the rich
Choose between poverty and disease.



  1. wow, i presume you are talking about a beggar?nice.

  2. Nice one again. I liked the boulder on the shoulder imagery.

  3. Leggy: you are right. Myne: Thanks. I appreciate your stopping by.

  4. Nice poem! My latest book, "From Barcelona: Stories Behind the City Vol. 1," (ISBN 1905430744) has just been published. It's a collection of ten shorts starring the tourist, Gt. George, a ghost, Antoni Gaudi and many others. If you'd like a free PDF copy, let me know at www.frombarcelona.com!


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